The Event (Words by Peter Törnestam)

The 3rd event in the World Series of Speed Skydiving took place in Sweden. Stockholms Skydivingclub hosted the event at their Gryttjom DZ. - Naming the ISSA competition Faster Harder Gryttjom after the old Scooter song finally got us an opportunity to print those words on a T-shirt says Peter Törnestam, meet director and president of the club.

9 competitors from 4 countries participated.


The weather forecast was not overwhelming with lots of wind and clouds. All jumpers got 4 jumps in on friday. Strong winds and cloudy made the competition fairly hard. Compared to the scores from last competition in Germany the speeds were a little lower except Thomas Ewert, Germany, he beat his personal best scoring a 377,34.


2 more jumps on saturday after almost the whole day on stand by and one hour breaks. Saturday night included a nice quiet dinner and early sleep for everybody…   NO! The club was throwing a spontaneous -80´s theme Party with a big crowd from Norway. 


Sunday totally rained and blew away. An award ceremony was held and Sponsors Flysight and Paralog gave away their products to a happy Thomas Christof, winning at total 459,36 km/h, earning his Faster Harder Gryttjom T-shirt with the golden print.


Judges: Elisabet Mikaelsson, Arnold Hohenegger and Angelika Mittasch

DZ info: Stockholm Skydivingclub jumps in Gryttjom, Tierp. 80 km north of Arlanda international Airport. The DZ is a grass field w huge landing areas, a full size swooping pond and a large number of bunk beds, multi stove kitchen, showers, sauna and a café etc to hold a busy DZ with hundreds of jumpers and 2 planes. Their own Super Otter 300 and a Grand Caravan, leased from Germany. Ca 33.000 jumps a year of which 3200 is tandem jumps. The club is a non-profit organization. Jump-prize is 190 SEK (20€).


GryttjomBanner 2 2015 1000

June 5th to 7th 2015 Dropzone Gryttjom

The ISSA World Series is back to Sweden - FASTER  HARDER  GRYTTJOM ! The registration to the swedish Speed Skydiving World Series meet is open.

Confirmed Registrations

the list is updated periodic

Name Firstname Country Newcomer Intermediate PB
Hagström Daniel SWE     456,46
Ewert Tom GER   x 363,66
Anderson Henrik SWE     452,73
Raimer Henrik SWE     419,71
Eklund Lars SWE     450,62
Roslund Henrik SWE  x -
Wiesenhofer Reinhard AUT     470,64
Porter Timothy GBR     440,85
Christof Thomas AUT   x 499,92