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Podium Speed Skydiving World Series Final Event 2013 in Klatovy: Winner Marco Wiederkehr (495,28 kmph), 2nd Christian Ferrari (469,09 kmph) and 3rd Alexander Diem (468,80 kmph)

Marco Wiederkehr is the first competitor who did at least one 500 kmph average jump at every single world series event. Marco Wiederkehr World Champion 2013!

The Podium of the event was completed by Stephanie Hipp, the best female competitor of the 2013 World Series. In the 5th round of the event she reached the fantastic score of 437,31 kmph average speed (the second fastest jump a female competitor ever did, 5 kmph close to the world record) and set a new german national record.

A big thank you very much to Skydive Pink Klatovy and Uschi Iragorri who did a great job in organizing and hosting this event. A special thank to Mads Larsen from Larsen & Brusgaard, who again supported the event with measuring devices and prizes!!

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