Dear Speeders,

As you´ve might have heard already, the first meet of the 2011 SpeedSkydiving WorldSeries, taking place the last weekend of May in Günzburg/Germany, has been a major success. I´ve you havn´t been there, you missed a meet to remember! The competition had been limited to 30 competitors and was completely "sold out". Great weather conditions allowed to complete all 6 rounds in time, on saturday alone the DZ flew 29(!) Porterloads to 4100m AGL.

As those numbers might have come as a surprise to most of you, to me they didn´t. I see a very reasonable potential for any disciplin that jumpers can do on their own, without the need for teammates. The number of dedicated training RW- and Freeflyteams is on the decline for a reason. Less and less persons are willing to invest more and more time (as nowadays lifestyle is more individual than ever before) and money (as tunnels raised the bar in those disciplins) to be competitive. For the very same reason accuracy competitions never stopped seeing large numbers of competitors and CP has been getting more and more popular. You might argue that 10way-speedstar-competitions have been increasing in numbers and teams attending as well (at least in Europe), but this is just because the vast majority of those teams do not train that much and think about those competitions more or less as a higher level of funjumping.

On the first glance Speed might seem being too extrem for most jumpers to attract growing numbers of competitors. But I think that we can succeed just BECAUSE of that. CF (CRW) is not for everyone and you need teammates. Low pull contests came out of fashion decades ago and are highly illegal in most if not all countries. This leaves wingsuit-proximity-BASE-jumps and CP as the only other "extremes" out there. But as we all know the percentage of jumpers who ever get to a competitive level during their careers in those disciplines is close to zero. This leaves Speed as the only(!) "adrenalin-disciplin" that is open to everone! We had one competitor with less than 100 jumps total who did very well.

So I think that we all just need to do our part in promoting the exciting disciplin of Speed to make it grow. Everyone of you can do his (or her) part to make this happen. Take your Pro-Tracks and ask jumpers if they wanna give it a try. Give ´em input about bodyposition and safety to your best knowledge, and I guarantee you´ll be surprised by the outcome of those efforts. Almost all of them will be ending up doing more than just one jump and it won´t be for long till you´ll see quite a lot of those competing. This was just what I did. And the result of those efforts after just one season speaks for itself.

My goal for next year is to attract at least 40 competitors, maybe we´ll be even heading for 50, we´ll see. I´m already working on the concept for this event. As this is going to be for you, the competitors, I wanna get you involved in the planning! So please send me your feedback and ideas! My basic idea is to "think big" in the planning process as this will result in a reasonable outcome even if I won´t be able to make all of the ideas become reality.

Worlds biggest Speedskydiving competition ever may look like this:

  • Thursday should be a public holiday
  • Trainingjumps will be possible from Wednesday (late afternoon) on and through all of Thursday.
  • A little openingceremony Friday at noon, Speed- and CRWjumps with smoke and some aerobatics (plane).
  • Competition starts right after the "show", two competition jumps on Friday (4100m).
  • If someone cannot make it on Friday in time for the competition (I´d need to know before), he (she) will be allowed to jump the missing rounds on saturday. This could of course only be done for a very limited number of competitors.
  • Saturday we´ll be jumping the next three rounds, 3 and 4 out of 4100m. Competitors will be allowed to make additional funjumps between rounds, I´m thinking about having a second plane on site.
  • Round 5 might be jumped out of only 4000m. But what is going to make that round special is not the lower exitaltitude - I would like to use a helicopter for round 5!
  • Just the final round (4200m) will be jumped on sunday to be able to finish the competition earlier than this year, even with a larger field of competitors.

Let me know what you think!

For now I need to finish as I wanna do some speedjumps this afternoon, I really need to go faster!




mw 2011-06-14 14:30

Vote: 5

I love changes - they are the basis for improvements! In any case, keep it running The nature of the competition will remains as it was and new competitors will be challenged. Need for Speed - Go Speedskydive! With no Risk and pure Fun!


Arnold 2011-06-19 11:05

Vote: 5

Guenzburg was a big sucess. You will have all my support to top it next year!


Moritz 2011-06-26 20:13

Vote: 5

This is not regarding my questions related to Günzburg 2012 or any other future events. Just coming back home from Locarno, I just would have liked to give a big "THANKS!" to the organiser. Markus "Függe" Fuchs, you did an outstanding job! Organisation was great! Would come again any time!


Füge 2011-07-03 17:32

Vote: 5

I have to say thanks.Thanks from me,the team blue.up and the peopel from the dropzone.the paracentro gang was also reale hapy with the frendli speeders.and a specel thanks to Arnold and Anette for to do the downlouds. I asket Martin,what du you think abaut next yeahr,the answer is hanging in the moment.

Thanks Füge