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Ken Hansen (SWE) wrote a short report about the 4th ISSA World Cup event 2008 in Västerås (SWE) 

Due to heavy rainfall during August, the runway at Gryttjom has become very soft - too soft for our heavy planes. So to avoid destroying the runway completely, we temporarily moved our activities to Västerås, about 1 hour 40 minutes drive southwest of Gryttjom.

Because of the bad weather conditions, the only jump we were able to make over Västerås was from 2750 meters. We knew about the reduction in altitude before we went up, and we also decided to reduce the competition distance to 500 meters, between 2200 and 1700 meters. 

This gave us a result in the competition, but the Swedish World Series finals was cancelled since we didn't get 4000 meters. The results of this competition dont count for the overall world Cup Ranking 2008.

Check out Ken Hansens Blog for more details.

Thank you very much to the Skydiving Club Aros for helping us out in a difficult situation!

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