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A short report about the 3rd ISSA World Cup event 2008 in Casale Monferrato (ITA):

"... saturday morning low level clouds, and no jumping was possible. At noon blue skies and high humidity - the competiton starts. Till 7 o'clock p.m. four rounds was done. After the first day Arnold Hohenegger was in lead, Olli Eerola second and Marco Wiederkerh third.

On sunday the competition were completed by the last two rounds. At his last jump, Marco Wiederkehr from Liechtenstein did the fastest jump of the competition (464 km/h) but he missed the 1st place by 0.3 km/h. Congratultions to Arnold Hohenegger from Austria for winning his first single world cup event ..."

Special thanks to Armando Giuseppe Bonatto Minella for organizing this great event. Also special thanks to Area Delta 47 for hosting the 3rd event of the ISSA World Cup Series 2008!

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