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Arnold Hohenegger (AUT) wrote a short report about the 2nd ISSA World Cup event 2008 in Utti (FIN):

"... competiton and first load started friday night 10 p.m. Friday night 10 p.m.? No problem mid of june in finland - cool sunset loads, all the night :-) It was one of the fastest, maybe the fastest competiton ever. All competitors on the podium had a meet result higher than 470 km/h average speed! CONGRATULATIONS ..."

Special congratulations to Alex Diem for winning his first single world cup event!

Clare Murphy (GBR) was the fastest woman at this competiton. She pushed her personal best meet result to 431.32 km/h avarage speed. In the fifth round she reached 442.62 km/h but missed her own world record only by 0.09 km/h.

At the same time there was a additional event in Utti: the Bird-Man midnight flock. Many thanks to Jari Kuosma (C.E.O. Birdman Inc.) for sponsoring Speed Skydiving ! Also many thanks to "Larsen & Brusgaard" the bigest sponsor of Speed Skydiving.

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