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The following competitors, ranked by their best jump in competition, has signed up for the Swedish World Cup event over Gryttjom on August 20-21:

Male Marco Wiederkehr, Liechtenstein: 502,11 km/h, Hibaldstow, England, 2004 (499,56 in 2005).
Arnold Hohenegger, Austria: 447,17 km/h, Beni Mellal, Morocco, 2005.
Olivier Elina, France: 416,51, Hohenems, Austria, 2003.
Niklas Emanuelsson, Sweden: 412,38 km/h, Gryttjom, Sweden, 2004 (445,41 in practice, 2005).
Fredrik von Schmalensee, Sweden: 393,71 km/h, Västerås, Sweden, 2005.
Tommy Gustavsson, Sweden: 384,52 km/h, Gryttjom, Sweden, 2004.
Armando Giuseppe Bonatto Minella, Italy: 330,37 km/h, Spa, Belgium, 2005.
Bill Hughes, Scotland: 245,88, Spa, Belgium, 2005.
Olli Eerola, Finland (has to qualify).
Mikko Kajala, Finland (has to qualify).

Female Verena Widmer, Switzerland: 417,66 km/h, Hibaldstow, England, 2004.
Maria Sundesten, Sweden: 369,99 km/h, Gryttjom, Sweden, 2004.
Moa Kvarfordh, Sweden: 363,52 km/h, Gryttjom, Sweden, 2004.
Eliisa Nikula, Finland (has to qualify).
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