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ISSA World Series 2019

The ISSA World Series 2019 consists of four separate meets. No additional meets will be added to the ISSA World Series Series 2019. In case a scheduled ISSA World Series meet cannot be hosted at the pre-designated dropzone, it will be relocated to a nearby dropzone within the same country.

The World Series result is the sum of the two best meet results for each competitor regardless of number of meets completed. The competitor with most points is the winner of the World Series 2019 and the ISSA Speed Skydiving World Series Champion 2019.


World Series Meets (all dates and locations confirmed)

Check our CALENDAR for date and locations. As soon as the organizers publish their bulletins we link that information as well. Please spread out these news!



ISSA Worldseries Rules 2019


Important Rule Changes (FAI/IPC)

  • 3 Second moving measurement window anywhere between exit and 1.700 metres
  • Result for a jump will be average for the best 3 seconds in the measurement window (this has come from trying to find a compromise between Peak and average following lots of competitors feedback!)
  • 8 rounds, all count with no throwaways!
  • Addition of Team category - Teams of three or more will be entered into team category as well (team decided before start of competition)

Approved SMD 2019