ISSA World Series 2018

The ISSA World Series 2018 consists of four separate meets. No additional meets will be added to the ISSA World Series Series 2018. In case a scheduled ISSA World Series meet cannot be hosted at the pre-designated dropzone, it will be relocated to a nearby dropzone within the same country.

The World Series result is the sum of the two best meet results for each competitor regardless of number of meets completed. The competitor with most points is the winner of the World Series 2018 and the ISSA Speed Skydiving World Series Champion 2018.


World Series Meets

  • Alvor Portugal, 20th-22nd April 2018
  • Illertissen Germany, 25th-27th May 2018
  • Fano Italy, 22nd-24th June 2018
  • Dunkeswell United Kingdom, 6th-8th July 2018



Important Rule Changes (FAI/IPC)

  • Equipment Inspection possible anytime during the competition
  • If a competitor changes his rig during competiton, it must be inspected
  • Clarification  allowed area for SMD mounting (see sketch)
  • Clarificaton Maximum Exit Altitude: not valid jump if both SMDs are showing Exit Altitude higher then 13.500ft

SMD Mounting (FAI Competition Rules para 4.1.5)

Each competitor will wear two SMDs issued by the Chief Judge. The devices will be attached

(i)  on the lateral webbing on each side of the competitors harness, or

(ii)  on each side of the competitors container horizontally in line with the lowest part of the lateral webbing when the competitor is standing upright.

In either case, the SMDs must be mounted predominantly on the sides of the rig and not above the widest point of the container when seen from behind, and the vertical distance between the centre of the SMD and the hip bone (tubercle of the ilium crest) of the competitor must be no greater than 7 cm. See 7.1.

The devices will be located to the satisfaction of the Chief Judge, and this decision is not grounds for protest.

Once the position of the SMDs have been located to the satisfaction of the Chief Judge, the competitor is not allowed to change the location of the SMDs without the approval of the Chief Judge.

 protrackii 01

Approved SMDs 2018

  • Protrack, Laarsen & Brusgaard
  • Protrack II, Laarsen & Brusgaard NEW
  • no mix of Protrack and Protrack II during a single competition