ISSA World Series 2015

The ISSA World Series 2015 consists of four separate meets. No additional meets will be added to the ISSA World Series Series 2015. In case a scheduled ISSA World Series meet cannot be hosted at the pre-designated dropzone, it will be relocated to a nearby dropzone within the same country.

The World Series result is the sum of the two best meet results for each competitor regardless of number of meets completed. The competitor with most points is the winner of the World Series 2015 and the ISSA Speed Skydiving World Series Champion 2015.


World Series Meets




Important Changes

  • Speed-Ware is the approved software to extract the readings from the speed measuring devices and to analyse the recorded data.
  • An ISSA approved competition has to be run according to the currently applicable FAI Competition Rules for Speed Skydiving and ISSA Speed Skydiving World Series Rules.
  • All topics which are regulated by the FAI Competition Rules for Speed Skydiving were removed from the ISSA World Series Rules.
  • Number of rounds: 6 preliminary rounds, 1 semi-final and 1 final round, (minimum 2 rounds) 
  • NEW O.B. RULE: If the difference of the two average speeds is 60.01 km/h or greater, the jump is considered to be outside the scoring boundaries (OB) and the score is 0.00. If the difference of the two average speeds is 30.01 km/h or greater but less than 60.01 km/h the score for the jump is the average of these two average speeds minus the excess of the difference between the two speeds over 30.00 km/h to the nearest hundredth of a km/h, rounded down.
  • With round 6, 7 or 8 completed, the competitor’s best 4 rounds are used to calculate the meet result.