We have updated the Speed Skydiving World Wide Eternal Ranking

In the second half of the very special 2020 season some organizer were able to run a Speed Skydiving Competition. Thank you very much to all Organizers for giving the Speed Skydiving athletes a chance to improve their Personal Bests (PBs) !!

Not all jumps met the requirements for a valid Speed Skydivng competition jump. Some jumps were executed by exceeding the Maximum Exit Altitude of 14.000 ft AGL. Such jumps (Personal Bests) are not listed in the Eternal Ranking to make PBs and records compareable.

Every PB meeting the requirements is listed. Also those achieved during the virtual test event end of August, run on multiple dropzones on three continents - Australia, Europe and America.

Congratualtions to Luc Maisin from Belgium for setting a new FAI World Record at the ISSA Competition in Teuge Netherlands ... 506.35 kmph !!

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