2020 FAI SPEED SKYDIVING RULES are now officially published - March 1st 2020

Words by Michael "Mikey" Lovemore - ISSA Board Core Board Member and Member of ISC Speed Skydiving Committee

Overall not much has changed.. just some tweaks. After introducing the new SMDs and the overhauled judging parameters at the World Cup, the following changes are in response to preparations for the the World Championships, feedback from Competitors, Judges, Officials and experience from other disciplines.. Whilst we wouldn't normally make any significant changes in a World Championship year we've made only what we consider necessary changes. To address issues with Speed fitting in with other disciplines at mixed competitions and to address situations with differing exit altitudes (for example from a descending run-in, or exiting on a different load/pass) we’ve made changes to Exit altitude rules and tied it in with the introduction of the ‘Performance window’.

  • Standard exit altitude is now defined as 'between 13,000ft and 14,000ft'
  • Breakoff altitude is now 5600ft. (This is just to tidy things up and have it all altitudes in ft, instead of some ft some metres).

We still have the fastest three seconds but that is now taken from a ‘Performance window’ which starts at exit. The end of the performance window is either 7,400ft below exit or at Breakoff altitude, whichever is reached first. (In most scenarios the performance window will end above break off altitude). So now no speeder will have an advantage or disadvantage due to a different exit altitude. This will all be done by the software and all Speeders should all just make sure to start their slow down by the normal break off altitude. The length of the performance window is determined by the distance between the minimum exit altitude and break off altitude. I.e. From 13,000ft to 5,600ft which is 7,400ft in length.

So in the case of a standard exit altitude of between 13,000ft and 14,000ft the performance window is the maximum of 7,400ft. The competition window ends 7,400ft below exit altitude.  See the rules here for all the detailed changes. Post any questions you may have below or PM me and I'll try to answer all of them.


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